@garymasonglobe Maybe the opportunity to rewrite the rules/norms around colonial institutions. Make Indigenous languages official languages. If Français speakers feel the 1867 deal doesn't protect them, time to sit down with First Nations to do treaty to protect minority official languages.🤔

@JosephsonAdam1 @TerryGlavin In 1867, the 2 founding peoples story, the brand new colonial govt claims legislative authority over "Indians & lands reserved for Indians". No participation no consent from the 'Indians'. So the land the colonials were stealing must be the "contribution" O'Toole's referring to.

@TerryGlavin Is it time…for Canadian institutions to re-recognize & re-centre Indigenous languages? To de-centre the bogus two-founding-peoples story invented by the 1867 hijackers who unilaterally claimed legislative authority over ‘injuns & their lands’? Time for a new founding treaty?🤔

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