@CBCNews OMG bring it on! The Ken Bot vs the NenShipLollipop! Bloated blustering egos, pounding podiums of pomposity, withering wastelands of wind baggery, drunken demons of delusion, dingaling the boxing ring bells of pugilistic pandemonium, fire up the fevered frenzies of pol mayhem!🤔

@Gray_Mackenzie @Terrilltf We're absolutely open 2 pretending we still have the 20 seats my election campaign lost. If we still had the seats I lost in Québec the NDP would be in sole possession of the balance of power & my demands could not be ignored by the Libs! So just watch me...the great pretender!🤔

@PnPCBC @theJagmeetSingh And JT replied? I really don't care, Jagmeet Jimmy! You may have noticed I can pass bills without you! But hey, if you want to keep acting like you won the election, go ahead! Costs me nothing!

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