@hscoffield @TorontoStar @StephanieLevitz Crown ME King! Crown ME Now! I'll Save Canada! Save the World! It B my Moment! I shall not B denied! Crown ME Now! I feel the juices of Royal Birth flowing thru ME! Crown ME King! O'Canada B ME! O'Canada! I am The ONE! Salvation is at hand! ME Moment B NOW! Moments of deluge-N?🤔

@althiaraj @realDonaldTrump Does The Donald think folks are asking him 2 ban Covid-19 like it was simply subject 2 his royal pronouncements & political will? Perhaps he can ban the Covid-19 like an unwanted irregular foreign agent seeking illegal entry into his 'Merica! Suppose Covid-19's just a Dem plot!🤔

@TerryGlavin Trudeau Liberals R seriously screwed-up, conflicted, panderers 2 autocrats pretending 2B beacons of human rights & not shills 4 $. Democrats need to understand that the foundation of democracy is the vigilance of its citizens. Thinking elites R going 2 protect U is fool's gold!🤔

@kinsellawarren Propaganda machines rampin into overdrive. Desperate efforts 2 control the narrative exposes the fact that truth's not their objective. Pathological liars duking it out 4 brainwashing supremacy? Like C-19? Truth? Not so easily contained! Reality? A mind of its own! Enjoy!🤔

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